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comments on Nils Kercher & Kira Kaipainen´s CDs, concerts, workshops

“Nils Kercher with that wonderful new album titled SUKU - Your Life is Your Poem”... great tracks brimming with kora and fantastic vocals”  DJ Ritu (BBC / SOAS, UK)

“When listening to „Suku - Your Life Is Your Poem“ you can hardly believe that it was crerated by a German artist.... it offers the finest world music crossover, the kind that is rare to find.... highly complex music that is very tightly arranged, yet well distinguishable. You keep discovering new subtleties even after repeated listening. The arrangements are extremely clever and the sound quality at the highest technical standard.
Suku - Your Life Is Your Poem is an album to savor. This is music making at the highest level and a must listen to any world music fan. Nils Kercher proves that he can be considered as one of the outstanding world music artists. Recommended! " rating: 19 of 20 (Link to the complete review by Ingo Andruschkewitsch March 2016)

“C´est le disc plus abouti, de Nils Kercher, SUKU-Your Life is your Poem. J´aime beaucoup ce disc. J´ecoute rêgulierement, il peut tourne en boucle, c´est vraiment un grand plaisir” (English: “This is the very best CD... I love this CD. I listen to it regulary, you can play it on an infinite loop, it´s really a great delight.”      DJ DIDIER MÉLON (RTBF / BELGIUM)

“Lyrical afro-sound full of space...very own idiom... The magnificent soundscapes peaking in dramatic arcs of suspense with delicate whispered tones erupting in powerful discharges draw their inspiration from the introspective moods of someone like Arvo Pärt.” (Jazzthing on album SUKU 2-2016)

“The album reminds the listener  of recordings of West African music that were made in Peter Gabriels Real World Studio, with the only difference, that this time it is a German protagonist. Chapeau!“  (Folker, March 2016)

 Nils KERCHER, un Allemand... un peu, beaucoup, très très africain ! Le musicien allemand est très investi dans la confection d'une musique africaine très personnelle. Son dernier disque est une heureuse réussite!...magique..." English translation: “His latest CD is a delightful success!” (Radio RTBF "Le Monde est un Village" DJ Didier Mélon, 2-2016)

"Dense and excitingly varied sound ... virtuoso kora player ...  Songs [...] that immediately sweep the listener away [...] A bridge between cultures" Deutschland Radio Kultur

“…There is no doubt that his music takes you on a journey, the whole album is really beautiful. Nils is heard here on kora, the West African harp, the Balafon and percussion as well as utilizing his rather unique voice…." (BrumRadio, Birmingham, UK / in the WorldBeatUK radio show by DJ Glyn Philips 2-2016)

"An inspiring example of what world music can be ... stirring, poignant ....  highly charged atmosphere in the hall” Neue Westfälische Zeitung, Bielefeld

"Poetic world music - Nils Kercher and his ensemble were fascinating .... and presented neither an esoterically intermingled spiritual magic show nor a naively exaggerated African spectacle à la "The Lion King", but the simple, deeply noticeable authenticity of an ensemble whose individual inspiration very visibly contributed to the moment on the instruments and the interaction. Improvisational elements, as known from Jazz, brief virtuoso passages, textured sounds that would be suitable to inspire composers such as Ludevico Einaudi, and then the deep drum beats that reverberate in the belly .... .... everything fused into unique and strange yet very appealing music that erupted from one breath to the next from filigree lightness into thrilling drama." Badische Neueste Nachrichten

"Powerful, meditative and tremendously poetic, the ensemble tells the stories of people and myths, of landscapes and sensuous listening" Nürnberger Zeitung

“A world-class, musical free spirit who has no equal" Musikreviews

„brilliant world music“ Rocktimes - Germany)

„Kercher´s voice is a phenomenon...it reaches heights that are usually reserved for female singers and yet carries a deep male strength.... a boundless organ...“ Allgäuer Zeitung

“Concert titled "Ancient Intimations" let the time stand still for two hours”
“Nils Kercher plays kora with astonishing mastership”
November  2009,  General-Anzeiger, Bonn, Germany

“successfull bridging of African and European traditions”  Hessischer Rundfunk / Broadcasting station Germany 2009

“it's like if the African Classical Music Ensemble, Peter Paul and Mary, and Enya cloned a composite baby from their sonic DNA. In all seriousness though, way to do something different with this music, guys! Somebody's gotta innovate. Rock on.“
Aaron G.  USA, Musician

„an unconventional and great musician“ „sound wizard“
Main-Rheiner  Zeitung (2008)

Seeing and listening to you was soooo beautiful and a musical experience I will remember in my heart. A combination of beauty, spirit, music on it's highest level....and very proffessional. Anne Elmberg, promoter, Mundekulla-center, Sweden

„intriguing and original use of the voice...very elegant album! (Review album Ancient Intimations Groovalizacion Webradio

"wow i am black and i can say that is a wonderful music you make - YES AND I THINK IM GONNA BUY YOUR CD!!!! You found the essence of Africa in the music your making that's so beautiful!!! I wish you abundance and prosperity and realization in your life!!" Youtube user jcberard, Canada, May 2009

Man what can I say. This is wondeful, it take a lot to find ppl like u, trough you I hope the world will be a wonderful place. I enjoyed the music specially it originality I m video producer / director from Guinea leaving in the u.s.a, on behalf the Guineans I will say Thx and may god guide your steps.  NextVision, producer / movie director Guinea / USA

“any plans to come to Canada?.. there is a huge audience waiting for you particularly in British Columbia. I'm very excited by your work and look forward to seeing you! Much Love ~ ;-))”   youtube user pattver369, Mai 2009)

Filled with an emotion between sensibility and tradition, his organic sounds take us from Western Africa up to Central Europe, without any way to determine where one begins and where the other one ends. After several initiatory trips to Guinea Conakry spent exploring and training, German musician Nils Kercher has managed to find a form expression of his own digging deep into African music without ever giving up his classical music background. His last album, "Ancient Intimations" is in line with the cause of human integration which binds cultures and which has already been taking shape through the discernment of the most open and curious minds.

The lyrics are in Soussou, Malinke, Finnish or even in a language without words in which the voice acts as an instrument as it occurs in mantras, Gregorian chants or tribal rituals. Besides the intriguing and original use of the voice, the Kora comes as another great support in most of the songs. Its delicate sound accentuates the softness and spirituality projected by the choirs. Equally the subtle percussions play an important part in this very elegant album. Backing a balafon, a cello, a flute or a violin they transport us to some beautiful landscapes from Black Forest to Guinean farmlands. Kindness and hope are here to greet all the styles of music that we expect to host this year on Groovalizacion.” (Review on Groovalizacion Webradio, January 2010, where Nils was nominated as “talent of the month”, read the article in french here

“I have known Nils Kercher, his music and his creative journey now for some years. Both he and his music are the "real deal". And this his latest album 'Ancient Intimations' showcases him as the extraordinary talent that he is. For me, the integrity, honesty and heartfelt place he plays from is a big part of what he brings to his music. Such a naturalness and authenticity. As my husband said when he first heard him "you would think he was African". He captures the true spirit of Africa, its people and its ancient beauty with such grace and humility. And there are certain moments on this album where Nil’s sings with such a depth and profundity in his voice, from that 'ancient place within' - it's been very powerful for me. Also I highly recommend if you can get to see both Nils and Kira Kaipainen (his partner) in concert, make it a priority. Together their presence brings such a sense of beauty, stillness and love, you will be thoroughly nourished!” Sally Rowberry, August 2009

"In 50 years of reviewing music, never have I heard anything like this!
"extraordinary music nobody should miss!
the gentle rhythmical flow tells stories that take the listener into a beautiful atmosphere  - calming and at the same time vitalizing and inspiring
this music truly connects cultures and I would wish for more projects following this spirit in order to deepen the understanding between African and western mentality" Quotes from a review by Ouirinis Mediendienst, March 2009

“This is extraordinary in every way. Two beautiful young souls playing, singing, dancing -- a joy to behold. Thank you so much for posting this. The kora is an amazing gift from the Gambi. You play it with such grace and joy. Bless you both.“  Saggio 2009 about youtube video “sanu”

“I had the pleasure of attending your concert recently in the Beethoven Haus on the 3rd of Feb. I was kindly introduced to your concert by one of your students. Since there was barely an opportunity to thank you for the concert right after the evening, I thought I´ll drop you a quick note for it. It was a really good experience, and I have not attended any such performance ever before. Many thanks and best regards” Rajiv (2007)